A new life begins…

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself how did I get here?  That mid-life moment when you look around you and think, holy crap whose life is this?

That moment came for me.  I took my daughter and walked out of a nine year relationship with all the strength and confidence of a woman who is determined to find independance and happiness.   The only catch was I walked right out onto a patch of ice, fractured my ankle in at least four places, and have spent the last two months recovering. Now I’ve had to give up my apartment and move back in with my mother, haven’t been able to drive in two months, can’t go any where unless I beg someone else for a ride, and feel like a burden to the universe.  But….

I am now a week away from the cast coming off and it’s almost time for me to fly…again… But one must pause to ask a few questions before daring to step out the door again:

  1. do i remember how to put my makeup on since i haven’t bothered to put any on in two months?
  2. how many razors will it take to shave my legs?
  3. will i set off metal detectors now that i have two plates and four screws in my ankle?
  4. will i ever have sex again?
  5. how can i make sure that my daughter still sees her father and be nice to a man who shredded my favorite shirts and the only pair of jeans that actually made my ass look great?
  6. will the calluses on my hands ever go away?
  7. will frankensteins bride be jealous of my new scars?
  8. is it normal for him to call 20 times a day to tell me how i have destroyed his life?
  9. what have I done?!!?

How does a woman who gets tired walking to the bathroom on her crutches start to rebuild her whole life?


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